spiritual coaching for professional and amateur artists
  • Tony Rae - Artist Spiritual Coach

Artist Spiritual Coaching: Spiritual Coaching for Professional and Amateur Artists

Hello, my name is Tony Rae.

I am a lifetime performing/recording artist

and a spiritual coach.

I share my creative spirit with you.


Seek Life Balance By Moderating Self-Importance

Every struggle I encounter as a creative human being

is rooted in some measure of inattention to

the message contained in this single expression.


To Create I must know desolation

To Love I must know fear

To Awaken I must be asleep

I share about these and many other ideas in my blog, 

social media, and in personal sessions with you

by phone or Skype.

I coach with any creative person engaged in any artistic field.

I also coach those who may not view themselves as artists but

are interested in my message.

Practical topics for anyone can include life balance, peer

relations, motivation, and inspiration.

For those practicing the performing arts our discussions can

include the performance realm.

If you are a guitarist (as am I), our focus can include quite

specific discussions about technique, style, tone,

instrumentation, methods, theory, and more.

I would love to hear from you,

and invite you to click [HERE]  to send me an email.